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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShipSaving's shipping calculator?

Use the ShipSaving shipping calculator to get a shipping quote and estimated delivery time for your packages. Just enter your package details (dimensions, weight, and zip codes)  to find the corresponding discounted rates. Then, to print the labels, sign up for a free ShipSaving account.

Our free shipping calculator gives you accurate instant quotes for the best shipping rates from USPS and DHL Express, and more. 100% free and accurate.

  • Shipping cost estimates do not include duties and taxes.
  • Delivery times are estimates and times may vary.
  • Delivery times do not include time to pass through customs. Each country is different. Please contact your local customs office for an accurate estimate.
Is shipping based on size or weight?

When sending a package, you must have had such confusion.
Why the actual weight of the package is 10 lbs, but the final shipping cost is calculated by 15 lbs?

This is because all major carriers use a pricing technique called dimensional weight (also called DIM weight) to calculate shipping rates for larger and lighter packages to help cover the cost of storage space in transit.

How does package pickup work?

USPS pickup service, you need to create or sign in to a USPS account, then in just four steps, you can schedule a package pickup for free.

For DHL Express pickup service, you can simply enter your waybill number to schedule without the account needed.

What is the cheapest way to ship internationally?

Expanding overseas may be a good step if you want to grow your e-commerce business, but that means you need to figure out how to ship internationally.

DHL Express is the most popular service, which comes at a lower cost with slightly shorter delivery times. It offers a large variety of service options internationally with different shipping times and costs. Its services include some as expensive as the Same-Day service available both by road and by air.

With ShipSaving, you can save up to 70% off on DHL Express labels, sign up a free account now!

Do I have to be a business to use ShipSaving?

The answer is NO! You do not have to be a business to use ShipSaving.

Everyone can sign up for a free account at ShipSaving platform! You can use our platform for both your personal and business shipping demands.

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